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In today’s digital world, threat actors continually evolve their approach to bypass the defenses on our computers and frequently use sophisticated in-memory attacks to avoid detection. Many of the endpoint security tools on the market rely on a database of know attack signatures that our enemies have learned to bypass.

We need a new approach to computer security.

Endpoint Detection and Remediation provides a powerful, cloud centric solution that combines advanced Machine Learning and behavioral analytics to continually adapt and optimize computer security.

This combination will help you stay ahead of evolving threats by detecting the latest vulnerabilities and exploits, rather than reacting to emerging threats. If you are evaluating an Endpoint Detection and Remediation (EDR) solution, check to see if it includes the following to provide advanced defense against both known and unknown attacks:

  • Advanced threat detection and remediation capabilities – As the name indicates, this approach leaves behind the dictionary of threats and focuses on detecting patterns and blocking potential risks in real-time.
  • Ransomware Detection and Memory Threat Prevention – Given the significant threat of having your data breached and encrypted for ransom, this approach detects the behaviors for common crypto threats that would seek to bypass endpoint protection and blocks sophisticated in-memory attacks and fileless malware.
  • Machine Learning and behavior analytics – Built-in system capabilities optimize endpoint protection to help you stay ahead of evolving threats and new exploits by dynamically identifying changes that indicate an attack.
  • Remediation access – Gone are the days of removing the computer from the network to contain a threat. The Remediation element of EDR allows your IT team to isolate the device, wherever it is, yet still retain access to investigate and remediate the threat before safely restoring the device for use.

Leveraging Endpoint Detection and Remediation to provide next-generation anti-virus protection in our cloud-first world gives you the benefit of real-time managed detection rules to block the latest exploits and vulnerabilities. This solution offers deeper insight into malicious and ransomware code from file to memory and more.

As an experienced MSP, Digital323 continues to mature our services to help you stay protected in the face of the changing cyber security threats and Endpoint Detection and Remediation is the foundation of a deep set of security offerings.

Contact Digital323 to roll out EDR and other elements of our security stack to secure the data and applications you run from your computers